Set Location Data

Define location using any of the methods offered below.

polygon map 1. Define a polygon on an interactive map.
polar polygon map 2. Define a polygon on a southern polar interactive map.

3. Define a bounding box with north, south, west, east


-90 to 90 (degrees)


-180 to 180 (degrees)
Northern Bound Eastern Bound
Southern Bound Western Bound

4. Define a polygon with longitude/latitude pairs.

Enter a longitude/latitude pair for each vertice of an envelope or polygon.
Separate the longitude/latitude pairs with semicolons.
Enter the pairs in a sequence that traces the perimeter of a polygon.
From 3 to 25 pairs are allowed.
For example:
-109.6 41.2;    -105.8 45.2;    -101.6 41.1;    -101.88 26.20;    -109.9 36.3

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